International Railway

Railway export: as an excellent partner of Zhengzhou Europe international railway freight trains, we can provide customers with the departure of Zhengzhou railway container center station.

Sino foreign international railway service

Railway export: as a freight train partner of Zhengzhou Europe International Railway, we can provide customers with international railway full container and LCL export services from Zhengzhou railway container center station to Hamburg, Duisburg and Prague in 14 days. Fixed two shifts per week, high frequency and normal operation.

Railway import: the return journey can provide the international railway full container and LCL import services from Hamburg and Warsaw to Zhengzhou in 16 days, with one fixed shift per week, which can carry a wealth of goods, save time and reduce costs.

Relying on the approved advantages of Zhengzhou vehicle import port, provide high-quality vehicle import railway logistics scheme

1. Door to door pick-up service, customs declaration, warehousing and other services throughout the EU

2. Hamburg yard vehicle packing service

3. Zhengzhou agency customs declaration, transfer, inspection, commodity inspection, online inspection and short barge service

4. Delivery service from Zhengzhou to all parts of the country

5. Other services required by customers

Advantages of international railway

Zhengzhou, as one of the most important railway hubs in China and an important base point of the Eurasian railway bridge, has provided unique conditions for its development of railway transportation. In particular, the opening of Zhengzhou Europe international railway freight train has reopened a modern silk road and opened a new door to Europe, making Zhengzhou another important port in foreign trade activities.

Zhengzhou Europe international railway freight train starts from Zhengzhou and leaves the country via Alashankou, Xinjiang, and reaches Hamburg, Germany through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland, with a total length of 10214 km. At present, there are 14 destination cities, and there are 2 classes per week for the journey and 2 classes per week for the return. The traffic volume ranks the first in China Europe train.

With this important historical opportunity, Sino ocean international logistics will give full play to its original experience in international railway operation and strive for a higher level and greater development.