The real meaning of "value-added services" is extensible in content, including both general value-added services and deeper extension services. The deeper extension service referred to here is the key to the success of the third-party logistics enterprises. It refers to three kinds of unique value-added services: customer value-added experience, logistics solutions and it services. These three kinds of value-added services are dependent on each other, which can produce characteristic business different from other competitors for the third-party logistics enterprises, and enable the enterprises to provide appropriate solutions according to customer needs and specific problems. Its practical significance lies in "guiding, centering on customer value-added experience, taking logistics solutions and it services as the means of realization, and strengthening value-added services".

"Value added service" can also be used in the retail service industry, which mainly refers to "characteristic service", which guarantees the basic service and carries out the service beyond the routine and personalized. For example: after the basic service process in the store, provide member service, door-to-door delivery service, send blessing cards during festivals, place small combs and slippers in the fitting room, etc.

Because "value-added service" is an advanced and personalized service experience, after most of them start to use it, it will become a common service process that must be possessed, and it is no longer a so-called "value-added" function.