The bill of lading information confirms that these details can not be ignored

2019-10-25 15:16:44 993

The importance of the maritime Bill of lading information is self-evident. If there is a mistake, the order is changed and the fine is heavier. Therefore, the bill of lading confirmation is a very important part. But when we count it carefully, we often make mistakes on small, trivial problems.

Today on the bill of lading to confirm the key points and prone to mistakes in the summary, for everyone's reference.
1, basic information check
Carefully check whether the basic information on the bill of lading is correct, such as consignor, consignee, Notifier, port, shipping mark, product name, number of boxes, weight, volume, freight prepaid or paid, etc..
Terms of the letter of credit
Under the terms of the letter of credit, it is also necessary to understand the special requirements of the bill of lading on the letter of credit so as not to cause inconsistencies.
3, punctuation
Bills of lading indicate information in English, so punctuation marks are often ignored or mistaken, such as the company name: CO.. Punctuation in LTD is often missed, there is also the difference between colon and semicolon, and the omission of the + sign before the phone number.
4, English spelling
The spelling of the company's name and address in English is often relatively long, and often the letters are reversed or missed by one or two letters. When the list is reviewed, it can not be seen. When the letter of credit is reviewed, it will be pointed out that it is inconsistent and it will not be worth the loss.
5, articles of caution
When the consignor or consignee uses the On Behalf clause, it can only represent one company, but it can not replace more than one company, and care can not be reversed.
6, packaging units
The packaging unit is as detailed as possible and can use cartons without packages. At the same time, we should distinguish between the total number of packages provided by customers, which is the total number of packaging, which is the number of packaging to avoid confusion. In case of objection by the subsequent shipping company or inconsistent customs declaration data, there is a potential risk.
Number spelling
Note the correspondence between English numerals and Arabic numerals. Sometimes you often see Arabic numerals as the default OK, but you never expect the number of English words to be wrong, such as FIFTY-FIVE(50) CARTONLY ONLY!
8. Transit provisions for inland ports
If the destination is an inland port, note the relevant description of the transit clause. Such as "THC AT DESTINATION PORT ON CONSIGNEE 'S ACCOUNT" "CARGO IN TRANSIT FROM XXXX TO XXXX, EFFECTED BY CONSIGNEE AND FOR CONSIGNEE 'S RISKS AND ACCOUNTS". Don't leave it out!
9, gross weight and volume
In addition to checking whether the data given by the customer is consistent, we must also pay attention to whether the data provided by the guest is reasonable, and if it is unreasonable, inform the guest in a timely manner. For example: CBM if the customer provides 20 'greater than 30, 40' greater than 65, then it is beyond reasonable scope and should be checked with the customer in a timely manner.
10. Port of loading, port of discharge and port of destination
Each shipping company's description of the same port may vary and there will be special requirements. If a guest has a special display request, be sure to ask the shipping company if it accepts it. If the shipping company does not accept it, it can only submit the filling materials according to the requirements of the shipping company.
For example: IRISL LINE port is: BANDAR ABBAS, the unloading port and the destination port must have: BANDAR ABBAS PERSAN GULF OR B.ABBAS PERSIAN GULF otherwise CNEE can not clear customs at the destination port.