The more the cargo is stranded in British ports, be careful of the high demurrage

2019-10-25 15:02:03 1012

British media recently reported that the British government has not for a long time put in place the correct precautions and related post-Brexit work advice, the next series of mistakes will lead to container cargo drivers trapped in the port on both sides of the English Channel. The British port will be faced with large-scale delays in the port of Serbia!
According to Basitidun, director of the Global Free Trade Association, according to some plans, such as cargo related documents for Calaisbow Port, will be submitted to the IT system in advance. Once the vehicle is on the ferry, the documents will be effective and archived, but due to measures and technology. Not in place, Some IT systems were received, but others were not, which would have resulted in delays in the clearance of cargo at the port of Calaissid, which would have resulted in human cargo being trapped in the port.
What is even worse is that once they get into this predicament, due to the lack of relevant procedural documents, this not only causes the goods to be stranded, but also can not return the goods to the United Kingdom. They can only choose to stay in French ports or unload the goods to submit high demurrage fees.
Basitidun said: "This is a dilemma for drivers and cargo owners. The freight company itself is not fully responsible. These are the responsibilities of traders, not the responsibility of transportation companies or truck drivers. If the British government does not deal with these issues in a timely manner, The British port will be in chaos! "
In the future, freight forwarders may refuse to ship goods for fear of getting into such a mess.

Tulade told the media recently: "There are already many trucks waiting in British ports to pick up goods. Everyone knows that it is very risky because although they have British export documents, they rarely have EU documents. "
According to documents seen by the Financial Times, a long queue of container trucks outside Dover is likely to be as long as 150 kilometers. The best way to avoid this is to train customs officers to prepare documents for shippers.
However, the British government has not been aware of this, and because training will take two years to complete, Brexit is imminent, so the British port is about to face chaos!

The ports of Liverpool, Huoliheide and Portsmouth are expected to reject two-thirds of container trucks after the Brexit Brexit.
We have been telling the government for months that there could be a disruption and we now have documents that justify our fears. "
We have been asking for clarity and hope that the government will appreciate the role of the port of Portsmouth and provide appropriate funding. "
The lack of government involvement has led the Board and the port to act on their own initiative to ensure that the port is adequately prepared.