Reminder: Discarded goods arrive at the port of destination. These countries have special customs regulations

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Latin American full name-Latin America and the Caribbean refers to the Americas south of the United States, including Mexico, Central America, South America and the West Indies. There are not only football and beautiful women, but also rich resources and unlimited business opportunities. Latin America's rapidly growing trade demand every year is leading the new growth of foreign trade. China-Latin America trade has huge development potential and good development prospects.
Shipments are rising since the owner is happy, but in the entire trade process, you must pay attention to this problem ~ ~

Discarded goods by destination customers have always been a headache for shippers in international trade. Not only is the goods likely to be destroyed by the customs auction, but they will suffer a certain amount of warehouse rental losses. Poor handling will also affect future cooperation with shipowners. relationship. Especially in Latin America, where the economy and legal system are relatively imperfect, we should be more vigilant. The small editor brings you to see what kind of abandoned goods(unclaimed goods) in Latin America will be forced by the customs auction and what are the local customs regulations?
1. Costa Rica(Costa Rica)
The customer has 15 days from the date of arrival to clear the goods to the Customs. If the customer fails to do so within the specified time, the Customs will impose a fine of Rs. 100 per day. If there is no claim for a long time, the goods will be auctioned in accordance with government regulations.
2. Dominican Republic(Dominica)
The Customs and Excise Department shall have the right to confiscate the goods more than 180 days after their arrival in order to offset some of the customs duties and storage costs.
3. Trinidadand Tobago(Trinidad and Tobago)
Goods not received more than six months after arrival will be auctioned by Customs.
4. Chile(Chile)
From the date of arrival of the goods, the consignee has 90 days to arrange for the delivery of customs clearance. After the expiration of the time limit, the shipping company has the right to submit to the customs for auction to offset the cost.
5. Guatemala(Guatemala)
From the date of arrival, the consignee has 20 working days to arrange the delivery of the goods for customs clearance, after which the goods will be declared abandoned and the Customs has the right to auction them.
6. Honduras(Honduras)
The maximum period of storage of the goods is three months, after which the goods will be declared abandoned and publicly sold in accordance with local law.
7. ElSalvador(El Salvador)
From the date of arrival, the consignee has 20 working days to arrange the delivery of the goods for customs clearance. If this period is exceeded, the goods will be declared abandoned and the Customs will have the right to auction them.
8. Belize(Leeds 'tag =' _ bank '& GT; Belize)
The goods will be considered abandoned after more than 3 months of arrival. The consignee still has 7 days to confirm whether it is interested in the goods. After that, the port of destination agent has the right to request the Customs to approve the auction to offset some of the shipowners and storage costs.
The above are the eight goods to be introduced to you today, Latin America and the relevant customs regulations that will be auctioned by the customs after the expiration of the deadline.
The small editor here reminds the bulk of cargo owners friends, before shipping must understand the local customs regulations and risks, enhance vigilance, to avoid the occurrence of money and goods two empty situation. If there is a case where the consignee does not mention the cabinet, it must continue to track the consignee and actively cooperate with the shipping company to do the corresponding countermeasures and minimize the loss as far as possible.