Urgent notice! New regulations for the shipment of dangerous goods from Shanghai Port

2019-10-25 14:49:51 852

There are dangerous goods from the Shanghai port of foreign trade, cargo attention! Yesterday, yangshan customs logistics supervision five departments issued the following new notice!
In order to ensure the safety of the inspection of dangerous goods for import and export, improve the efficiency of the inspection of related goods, and strengthen the pre-examination of the dangerous characteristics of the inspection goods, starting from August 27, 2019, For inspection of import and export chemicals(including hazardous chemicals and general chemicals, excluding machinery and equipment) at the control point(Yangshan, Outer Harbour) of the Luchao Port Risk Repository, please prepare the Chinese Safety Data Sheet MSDS for all relevant inspection items in advance. When accepting the inspection, we will grasp the dangerous characteristics of the relevant inspection goods in advance to ensure the safety of the inspection operations at the port.
In order to ensure that the inspection is carried out quickly, please be sure to follow the new rules and avoid unnecessary trouble.
In addition to the new regulations of Shanghai Port, with the 70th anniversary of the National Day approaching, all port areas and various government units have strengthened the control of dangerous goods! On August 25, the China Cargo and Mail Inspection Bureau issued the "Notice on Strengthening Air Cargo Security Inspection Work during the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China"!
The notice emphasized that the air transport security inspection should be standardized to declare inspection operations, eliminate the occurrence of fraudulent reporting and the inclusion of items with air restrictions, and prohibit the falsification or alteration of air transport documents to transport dangerous goods and aviation restricted items. For the airlines and freight forwarding companies that have committed illegal acts, the joint disciplinary mechanism for violations in the reservoir area will be implemented, and they will be suspended for rectification or reported to the relevant administrative agencies for punishment.
Notification Documents for China Cargo and Mail Inspection Division: